Renovation and Modernization of Trishuli Hydropower Project

Renovation and Modernization of Trishuli Hydropower Project

  • Project Date:28 November 2019
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  • Categories:Regeneration

Renovation and Modernization of Trishuli Hydropower Project

Project Date:  April 23rd 2019

Client: Medium Generation Operation and Maintenance Department, Nepal Electricity Authority

Categories: Renovation and Modernization


Project Background

Trishuli Hydropower Station, under Nepal Electricity Authority located at Trishuli, Nuwakot, previously with installed capacity of 21 MW consisting of 7 units each of 3 MW commissioned in 1967 AD and developed jointly by Government of India and Government of Nepal. It was rehabilitated in 1995 AD and upgraded to 24 MW with 6 units each of 3.5 MW and one unit of 3 MW The power station is in continuous operation since commissioned around forty five years ago.

Trishuli Hydropower Station will undergo Renovation and Modernization soon after the selection of the contractor.

NEA Engineering Company has been selected as the consultant to perform consulting services of Tender Document Review and Recommendations, Assistance in Tender Evaluation, Design Review and Erection and Commission Supervision under Rehabilitation and Modernization of Trishuli Hydropower Plant

Project Highlights for NEA Engineering Company

  • Review of Tender Document prepared by Generation Directorate, NEA
  • Prepare Tender Documents review report
  • Assistance in evaluation process of tender
  • Design review and recommendations of design and drawings submitted by main contractor.
  • Erection and Commission Supervision of rehabilitation works.
  • Verification of as built drawings and operation and maintenance submitted by main contractor.