• Project Date:22 June 2020
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  • Categories:NEC Capabilities/Software Assets

NEA Engineering Company owns the license for PLSCADD Spotting, SAPs and TOWER by POWERLINE SYSTEMS for modeling of transmission lines and towers. Whereby,

PLSCADD Spotting is one of the most powerful overhead power line design program which runs under Microsoft windows and features an easy to use graphical interface. It integrates all aspects of line design into a single stand-alone program with simple, logical, consistent interface. It supports both manual and automatic spotting with distinctive features such as terrain modeling, advanced sag tension analysis, structure modeling, material subsystem and drafting.

TOWER provides interface for analysis and design of steel latticed towers used in electric power lines or communication facilities. Both self-supporting and guyed towers can be modeled. The program performs design checks of structures under user specified loads. For electric power structures it can also calculate maximum allowable wind and weight spans and interaction diagrams between different ratios of allowable wind and weight spans

SAPS (Structural Analysis of Power and Communication Systems) is a general structural analysis program that runs under Microsoft Windows. Transmission, substation and communication systems often include cables in the form of conductors, ground wires, guys, suspension strings, etc. They can also include flexible bending elements which deflect significantly under design loads. SAPS is a completely integrated program with menu-based input, linear or nonlinear analysis capability and with easy to interpret text, spreadsheet or graphic summaries of analysis results.