Office Notice to all staff

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NEC will adopt separation of staff working at same place at a time by allowing "Work Out-of-Office" by half of officers and Consultants on Monday Chaitra 10 and other half on 12 th Wednesday, as per work Schedule already pre-approved. Similar practice till Friday. On Friday, depending upon situation, NEC may continue this separation or arrange alternatively.

All assistant staff and account /admin section who do not have work out-of-office, they will come to office daily as usual.

NEC vehicles will make three trips for pick-up in three different times to arrive at 9:00, 9:45 and 10:30, and drop-off at 4:15, 5:00 and 5:45. Preference to be given for ladies who do not have bike/ car. Admin will arrange the route and times. Pick-up/ drop from Ring Road points or main road points and in office - main gate/ Imadol main street to enable faster trip.

Staff working at Thapathali office Main Hall and Structure group hall, and Imadol common rooms shall not come without mask. Arrangements shall be made to isolate/ segregate the work at these places by 1. Alternate day out-of-office work or shifting to empty rooms and spaces to maintain distance.

INFORM !!!  All staff are REQUESTED to notify admin immediately if you show any suspected symptoms of novelCorona and then stay home. Early action can save other colleagues and their families.