• Xu Guagxiang

    Geotechnical Engineer
  • Yu Yang

    Tunnel Engineer
  • Gopalji Srivastava

    Transmission Line Engineer / Tower Design Expert
  • Subash S. Uduwalage

    Dam Engineer /expert
  • Geoff Wilson

    Dam Expert
  • David L. Kern

    Design and planning expert
  • Prof Dr. Haakon Stole

    Hydraulic And sediment Expert
  • Prof Dr. Anton Schiees

    Hyraulic Design Expert
  • Erick J Lesleigther

    Hydraulic Design Expert for hydropower project
  • Jhon E Young

    Hydropower Geotech expert
  • Derrick A Penman

    Hydropower planning & Design expert
  • Michael Francis

    Hydropower planning And Documentation
  • Peter J rae

    Hydropower planning Design expert
  • Roger S. Stilwell

    Hydraulic Expert and Dam Engineer